Defining Love

Falling in love is a life changing moment. If  you are a believer of love at first sight or not, people fall in love every day. First day or the hundred and thirty first day, love is present. Having the pleasure of following someone on their journey through love is rewarding. Watching a relationship prevail through the highest and lowest points, makes you want a little love yourself.

Follow our B Lavished girl through her journey of love. It all starts with showing herself a little self love with B Lavished and grows into a personal love that will last a lifetime. 


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California Fall

We all know how hard it is in California to receive a true fall. Currently wedged between the end of October and a continuous high temperature of eighty degrees. Needing the temperature to drop just enough for those amazing large cable knit sweaters and signature layering pieces. Adding more as the temperature final decides to drop oh so slightly, here are some signature pieces from our fall 2014 collection.

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“You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you” – Dodinsky


Welcome to B Lavished, a brand about loving oneself for your true colors. Respect how hard you work and never forget to take time for yourself. This is the official re-launching of our brand, supporting a new website and a fresh new fall collection. Whether you are new to the brand or have been with us since the beginning we appreciate the support! Now go out and practice your self love.